Tire Services:

1) Tire and Rubber Inc. accepts waste tires during regular business hours at its facility and can assist in unloading of tires.

2) Tire and Rubber Inc. runs weekly tire collection routes throughout the surrounding counties. Commercial businesses and site specific locations can be placed on routine collection schedules for regular tire pick up, or upon an "as needed-call" basis.  Please contact the office to set up an account and establish a collection schedule that matches your specific requirements.

3) Tire and Rubber Inc. can schedule one-time pickups for special projects or unique, non-repetitive circumstances.  Please contact the office to provide details and obtain pricing. 

    Please contact Tire & Rubber Inc. for any requirements not identified above                insomuch as it seeks to provide unparalleled service in the waste tire disposal area.   


Construction/Demolition Acceptable Waste:

  * Wood
  * Plaster
  * Asphalt
  * Bricks & Blocks
  * Concrete
  * Trees & Stumps
  * Brush
  * any other materials defined by the WV DEP as construction/demolition waste.

Nonacceptable Waste:


* Asbestos
  * Garbage or household trash
  * Sludge, liquid, or drums
  * Hazardous waste
  * Clinical or hospital waste
  * Dead animals


* Presentation of any unacceptable waste on the list above, will require the depositor to take it back off of the site with them, or will result in an additional handling and/or disposal fee.

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