Tire & Rubber, Inc. operates a WV DEP permitted waste tire "monofill" and construction/demolition landfill. A waste tire monofill is described as a long-term temporary storage facility for scrap tires until an economically viable re-use or end market can be developed and sustained for the processed shreds.


The construction/demolition landfill can accept waste defined as such by the WV DEP. (see list under services) Residents and businesses benefit by having a convenient and proper outlet for waste that could otherwise end up along road sides or in illegal open dumps.

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Tire & Rubber, Inc. is situated in Lewis County, WV on 285 acres that form a natural valley. Approximately 121 acres can be developed for waste disposal resulting in millions of cubic yards of waste disposal space. As an environmentally enthusiastic company, it is very interested in finding beneficial re-uses and markets for the waste tires that it receives and processes. Any ideas and contacts from landfills, transfer stations, recyclers, and other industry participants that could possibly help develop an end use for this and/or other problematic waste are welcomed and appreciated. 

Our goal at Tire & Rubber Inc. is to achieve and maintain outstanding customer service and an efficient turn-around on-site. Please give Tire & Rubber Inc your business and your feedback on how it can improve service to your individual situation.

A tremendous clean-up effort was undertaken by Tire and Rubber Inc. in processing the approximate 120,000-150,000 tires that remained on site when it took over the site as shown in the before and after photos.

Directions to Tire and Rubber, Inc.

   -Just 3 miles off of I-79 Buckhannon/Weston Exit # 99.
   -State Route 33 East towards Buckhannon.
   -Turn left at the 2nd exit just past Wal-Mart onto Grass Run Road.
   -At the stop sign, turn right onto old State Route 33.
   -Continue on for approximately 1/4 of a mile and turn left past the USDA Service Center Bldg onto Grass Run. (Be carefull on sharp, blind turn)
   -TRI's site is approximately 1/2 mile on the right hand side of the road.
   -At the Tire and Rubber, Inc. sign, turn right, and go through the gate. Continue on the gravel road to the scale house on the Right.


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